Welcome to the Vaughan Career Fair and Training Expo.
Meet with Canada’s hiring companies and training institutions.

Don’t Miss! Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023. 1PM to 4PM.
Next Career Fair: August 17th, 2023.

Network with Governments, National Companies, Independent Businesses, and Organizations providing employment services, career resources, training, and continuing education programs. Build employment relationships and explore Ontario’s labor market in a wide variety of sectors, vacancies, and career services open to all attendees across the province (students, professional adults, Canadian citizens, permanent residents, landed immigrants, newcomers, temporary visitors, and foreign skilled workers). EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND!

Join Canada’s most attended Career Fairs and Training Expos.
250+ scheduled events to help and support Canada’s labor market.
Stay tuned and check regularly this page for Exhibitor listing updates.

Ontario’s correctional services establishes, maintains, operates and monitors adult correctional institutions and probation and parole offices. We provide programs and facilities to help rehabilitate offenders and have jurisdiction over adult offenders who are granted parole by the Ontario Parole Board. Correctional services | Correctional officers work with inmates in Ontario correctional centres, detention centres and jails. They ensure the security and custody of inmates and make sure inmates have what they need for a successful rehabilitation. Learn more about what correctional officers do. Probation and parole officers play an important role helping to ensure public safety. They manage offenders that are serving their sentence in the community. Learn more about what probation and parole officers do.

We oversee offenders who are:

  • adults awaiting trial or sentencing
  • adults held for immigration hearing or deportation
  • awaiting transfer to federal institutions to serve sentences of two years or more
  • 18 years of age and over who are:
    • sentenced to terms of imprisonment of less than two years
    • terms of probation of up to three years
    • conditional sentences of up to two years

Why YYZ Travel Group

Planning your travel adventures with a YYZ Travel Group advisor unlocks a world of travel expertise, industry knowledge, global connections, amazing travel perks, and insider access to a select portfolio of the best brands in the business. Founded in 1986, YYZ Travel Group is proud of its team of knowledgeable, well-travelled advisors and their commitment to ensuring your unparalleled experience every time you travel. We think of travel as an ‘art’ – and our role is to provide you successfully with artistic pleasure! In 2008, YYZ Travel Group was invited to become a Virtuoso member, one of the world’s most prestigious luxury travel associations, “by-invitation-only”.

We are an award-winning agency with over 100 advisors speaking 30 different languages and have preferred status with the world’s most recognized travel brands such as Air Canada airlines, Four Seasons hotels, and many other suppliers. Our services go beyond the status quo – personal attention to your travel needs starts by learning about your interests and unique travel style, continues as we build your perfect itinerary, and as you travel on your adventure, we stay with you the entire way until to your return. We have your back!Our clients always come first. We have two main goals when advising, planning, booking, and monitoring your travels:

  • Your 100% satisfaction with travel experiences; and
  • Our lifelong valued relationship with you

Boldly pushing the limits of Engineering beyond Innovation

Teamwork @ Rebar Enterprises we not only value teamwork, we build it. Our work environment is designed to build high performing teams – working together toward a common goal, sharing individual knowledge and experience, and cultivating effective communication to provide the best services possible. As a member of the team, our employees have the opportunity to:
  • Advance and enhance your individual professional experience
  • Brainstorm – develop creative ideas and innovative thinking
  • Fast track problem solving – promote out of the box solutions
  • Build trust – at all levels of the company
  • Be a valuable contributor – every voice counts
  • Improve communications –open space office and regular meetings encourage effective communications 

Career Opportunities

Working in your professional field is so satisfying but growing and specializing is exhilarating!  @ Rebar Enterprises, we pride ourselves on our reputation for being the BEST IN CLASS in Structural Engineering.  The opportunity to work with a leadership team that has renowned success, and a proven record of leading innovation and engineering is yours. We have many opportunities in the professional service of design and drafting.



Since 1984, Wee Watch has been committed to raising the bar for home childcare. Our focus is on providing the highest quality childcare environment. We have a network of 42 Non-Profit Agencies and 1000 homes across Ontario that provide children with loving, stimulating and safe home environments. Agencies are deeply dedicated to helping families in their communities. All our agencies are licensed by the Ministry of Education, which means parents can be assured that standards for safety and nutrition are met. But we do more than meet standards, we exceed them.


Do you love working with children? Do you want a career that is personally satisfying, helps you develop professionally and is financially rewarding? Enjoy a Rewarding Career As a Childcare Provider. If you want to be self-employed and start your own home childcare business, but don’t want to do it all on your own, then working with Wee Watch, is your perfect solution. We have learned a lot in our 35 years of operation and we continue to evolve and improve our approach. We believe that each child is unique and in partnership with our parents, we are committed to quality care for all children and their families. Like you, we don’t settle for good enough. Your child is extraordinary and their childcare should be too. Licensed home childcare is the better choice.


FDR has spent the last 25 years developing valued added relationships with some of North America’s largest industries and corporate brands.

We listen to the concerns and interests of our clients and consumers while maintaining legal compliance to make sure all personal  information is kept safe.  We want clients and consumers to have a positive experience with us. We want our consumers to know that we understand how stressful and frustrating debt can be. We want our clients to know that we offer solutions to our consumers to pay off debt. We value our relationships with our clients, consumers, and employees. We want everyone to feel that they can trust us, and that they are valued. About – FDR

Interested in FDR?

All our employees receive continual training through seminars, which stresses effective listening and negotiation skills, and are monitored very closely to ensure our clients’ customers are treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Furthermore we conduct general discussion and training focussing on the following aspects:

  • Collection Agency Acts
  • Corporate code of ethics
  • General company policies and procedures
  • Time management
  • Debtor motivation and negotation skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Collection computer system
  • Tracing technique

Our Strength is
                 Making Your Dream A Reality

ForYou – Quality Immigration Solutions Inc. is an immigration, educational, and settlement consulting company to provide professional services to immigrants and foreign students from all over the world. We have established an excellent track record in immigration and educational field in Canada. We offer creative, innovative, and effective solutions to immigration and educational needs. We provide cost – efficient and expert immigration services to clients. We are an authorized company for many leading colleges and universities to recruit international students. Our key success is in seeking Work Permit and Permanent Residency through Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and other Business Visa.


Learning Without Limits.

When learning works better for all students; All students work better. We’re striving for a world of digital learning that is both inclusive and immersive, where everybody fits in. Created and made vivid by pushing tech to its limits. Habitat Learn is an ecosystem of accessible products and services created to remove the barriers to learning through human-centered design. From scheduling everything you need for broadcasting classes globally, to delivering accessible courses with captions and summary notes for your students and staff, our products unify every learning experience.

We win only when we all win.

While many businesses describe themselves as can-do, we are all about making sure others can-do. Education is a fundamental building block of a fairer society. And making education available to more people – through an unflinching enthusiasm for creating simple, user-first solutions that empower all – is not just our work but our reward. Join a growing team of passionate people working towards a world of digital learning that is both inclusive and immersive, where everyone fits in.


Welcome to the Cheer Media Group

Our job is helping you get all the “free” publicity that is out there.  Why spend thousands of dollars on advertising when you can yourself on radio, tv, newspapers and other media for free. An active part of our business is helping refer business to your business.  Talk to us about what kind of business and service you provide and we will actively search for clients and new business for you. We also help provide the following services: Flags and Souvenirs – Canadian Curriculum Books –        Free tax Preparation – Ad Specialties  – Media Buying – Freelance Media Coverage – Storybook Writing – Motivational Speaking – Incentive Programs – Gift Catalogue – Shopping Services – Financial Services- Insurance – Investments – Mortgages – Wills and Power of Attorney – Life Money and Health speaker series – Election Campaign Support – QR Codes – Labour Support Money Marv-L – FreeYourMoneyNow – Educational Book Sales – Travel Covid 19 Testing – Cheer Radio

Paragon Security - Canadian Security Magazine

Facing the Future Together

Choose a security partner that delivers expertise, prioritizes customer-centric solutions, and maintains a steadfast dedication to exceptional service. At Paragon, we excel in understanding our clients’ needs and have established industry-leading best practices through collaboration with our strategic partners. Explore why our esteemed clientele consistently recognize Paragon as the reliable and trustworthy partner they can depend on. Working at Paragon – Paragon Security

At Paragon, we are positioned uniquely in the market, combining the extensive experience, local resources, and capabilities of larger international providers while remaining true to our core values. Our primary mission is to safeguard life, in addition to our clients’ assets and properties. We have built our reputation for service excellence over four decades, leveraging proven technologies and innovative solutions. We invest in our team’s development, ensuring continuous learning and growth at every level of the organization. We are dedicated to recognizing and rewarding our employees for their professionalism and unwavering commitment to our clients. At Paragon, we understand that their success translates to our success. Paragon Kaizen (

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