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No matter your field or background, whether you’re a recent graduate, a skilled professional, or seeking a fresh start, Jobs Canada Fair has become the leading destination for thousands of attendees and Exhibitors since 2010. Through hosting 75+ Career Fairs nationwide, we have been a platform of hope and career possibilities where job seekers have secured their dream positions and exhibitors have found exceptional talents to drive their businesses forward. A multisector event where people from all walks of life come together, fostering a supportive network that encourages growth, collaboration, diversity, and inclusion.


The List is not complete. Check this page daily for Exhibitor updates.

Urban Life Solutions is a national outdoor service provider offering unique solutions that aspires to exceed customer expectations. We have united Canada’s top outdoor service providers in a consolidated effort to bring the best in Professional Outdoor Services to our clients. Municipalities, Government Agencies, and Commercial Portfolio Holders are embracing our abilities to deliver value added services in a way that provides ongoing accountability, effective costing, flexibility, and professionalized service delivery.

We are here to support client growth within their current geographical area or their ever expanding needs outside current locations. Built on a Culture of Caring, Urban Life Solutions has united Best in Class Companies across the nation to deliver Professional Outdoor Services. Anchored by our company values: Work, Learn, Grow, Inspire we are finding ways to enhance value for our Partners across Canada. Contact Us | Office Locations | Urban Life Solutions

Grow your career with us!

At Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), we serve government and Canadians. As one of Canada’s largest federal departments, with a workforce of more than 18,000 employees, we’re committed to creating a diverse, inclusive and talented workforce, equipped with the right tools. From government buyers and financial officers to translators and interpreters, PSPC employs people with diverse skills and backgrounds from across Canada. Whether you are a recent graduate or you are seeking a new challenge, we may be looking for someone like you.

Careers at Public Services and Procurement Canada
Public Services and Procurement Canada


  • a competitive salary with annual increases
  • 3 weeks of holidays per year to start
  • a pension plan and benefits
  • continual learning and career advancement
  • flexible work arrangements
  • offices and job opportunities from coast to coast to coast


We offer opportunities for individuals with various skills, interests and educational backgrounds. Administrative and clerical, services architecture and urban planning auditing, communications, computer systems, administration economics, and policy engineering and support environmental services, financial management, general labour and trades, human resources, interior design, procurement, security and investigation, translation service, and many more..

CSE is hiring, come work with us!

CSE hires Canadians with a wide range of skills, experiences and perspectives because diversity makes us stronger. We offer exciting career opportunities for both professionals and students. We are team players, pathfinders, and problem solvers, all different, all united by a common mission: protecting Canada and Canadians. CSE recruits people from just about every discipline. Yes, we need mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers. But we have many employees with arts and humanities backgrounds, like linguists, policy advisors and communications specialists. And like any government department, we need corporate services professionals like project managers, accountants and HR advisors.

Flexible work hours

We offer several options to help employees add balance to their lives:

  • flexible hours
  • compressed hours
  • telework

We actively recruit the best and brightest professionals and team players in the construction industry. We are looking for experienced, enthusiastic people dedicated to delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions. We strive to attract individuals who seek to excel – that is, those who understand the importance of a positive attitude and exhibit a capacity for growth.

Find the Job Opportunity That Best Suits Your Work Experience

We are an American construction leader with specialties in heavy civil and waterworks. We are dedicated to meeting the infrastructure needs of our clients and our community safely and intelligently. We Are One of the Main Global Infrastructure and Mobility Operators. Since 1952 we center our efforts on large projects for society: highways, airports, construction and services to cities, all with the commitment to develop sustainable solutions.

MPN Capital Markets is the fastest-growing energy brokerage in Canada with a large book of business already in Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta, and now expanding into the US markets. We are currently seeking a highly motivated and driven individual to join our team as a Business Development Representative. MPN Capital Markets is a full-service consulting firm that helps you to take control of your energy expenses. With modern procurement strategies and sharp pricing let our team of industry experts show you how we are changing the energy market.

Why choose MPN Capital Markets?

  •  Proudly trusted by publicly traded corporations, real estate investment trusts, manufacturing, aerospace, and many more.
  • Supplied by Shell Energy (North America).
  • Full transparency in all accounting and financial reviews.
  • Experts with 30+ years working in North America’s energy sector.

Smarter Security. Stronger Communities.

Commissionaires is Canada’s largest private sector employer of veterans and the only national not-for-profit security company.

Commissionaires is Canada’s premier security company and largest private sector employer of veterans. Founded on the core military values of dedication, responsibility and sense of mission, we employ 22,000 people across Canada. We are a private, not-for profit organization providing security, fingerprinting and identification services as well as training, to public and private sector clients. Our mandate is to create meaningful employment opportunities for former members of the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and others who wish to contribute to the security and well-being of Canadians.

To provide meaningful employment that meets the needs of veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, their families and others who wish to contribute to the security and well-being of Canadians. From security guard to CEO, commissionaires hold many critical roles to protect the safety and security of Canadians. Our diverse workforce welcomes veterans and reservists, military spouses and family members, and civilians. Join The Team: Careers – Commissionaires

Doing What’s Right for Customers for Nearly 70 Years

Solving our customers’ tire challenges and making an impact for their operations is what we do best—and it’s been that way since Tom Foord opened our doors in 1953. Over the years, we’ve become a trusted partner for industries and fleets large and small across Canada because they rely on our expertise, our make-it-happen approach to service and our lineup of the most trusted tire brands. Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer and one of North America’s largest commercial tire dealers with over 260 Kal Tire retail and commercial stores across Canada, warehouse facilities and 10 retread manufacturing plants. In addition, Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group is an international leader in mining tire service and supply, servicing more than 150 mine sites across five continents.

ServicePlus Heating and Cooling takes pride in being a top HVAC service provider in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. ServicePlus is dedicated to delivering top-notch heating and cooling solutions to ensure their clients comfort all year round. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility, they are a trusted partner for all HVAC needs. ServicePlus offers continuous training and learning to grow in your HVAC career and to stay current with the latest technology.

As a part of the team you will deliver superior customer service to our valued customer base across Ottawa and the surrounding areas. You will perform service, maintenance and installs on heating and cooling systems. You will utilize mobile field service app to complete work orders. Consult with clients to ensure their systems are working comfortably. Be part of the on-call rotation.

We are CRA registered, so we can retrieve all your tax documents (T3, T4, T5, etc.) from the CRA system instantly. Everything on your tax return will match what CRA has, ensuring accuracy! Additionally, we offer year-round support on your taxes so you can depend on us! We are experienced accountants, and we get your taxes done fast! We can complete your basic tax returns in 15 minutes. We can even get multiple years of tax returns and corporation tax returns done for you in just a few days. High quality or affordable?

We can give you both! We produce high quality returns effortlessly because we have been doing it almost everyday for the past 9 years and handle thousands of tax returns each year. That is why Solid Tax can deliver high-quality work at a low price. Our basic tax returns package starts at only $50! Checklists – Solid Tax Inc

The Nunavik Police Service has an essential role in Nunavik communities of serving and protecting citizens by participating in community activities, preventing and investigating crimes, responding to emergency calls, promoting road safety and testifying in court. The community involvement aspect of a police officer’s duties often gets overlooked. Many officers are active in community projects and activities. Their public service roles include speaking at schools and to community officials. They educate citizens on how to avoid dangerous situations and how to handle emergencies. Other forms of community involvement include drug prevention and education and driver safety programs. These duties help create a better rapport between the NPS and citizens.


The Department of National Defence supports the Canadian Armed Forces who serve on the sea, on land, and in the air with the NavyArmyAir Force and Special Forces to defend Canadians’ interests at home and abroad.

Be A Part of Something Bigger

Most people know FedEx Canada as a reliable shipper, committed to getting your package – large or small – to its destination on time. But FedEx Canada is also a technological innovator, a supporter of community and global charities, a dedicated employer and much more. We connect 90% of the world’s GDP with door-to-door, customs-cleared service, all backed by our money-back guarantee.

Whether you’re looking to join our on-the-ground team of delivery drivers, couriers, cargo and ramp handlers or, seeking to build your career with a role on one of our corporate teams, a job with FedEx offers so much more. You’re connecting Canadians to what matters most to them, delivering birthday gifts from a loved one, helping businesses meet critical deadlines, connecting healthcare providers with life-saving medical shipments or simply ensuring a package that will make someone’s day arrives on time.

Our networks operate independently to deliver the best service to customers without compromise. They compete collectively as a broad portfolio of customer solutions and are managed collaboratively, under the respected FedEx brand

Canada’s leading tax preparation firm for over 55 years

Our growth in Canada has been tremendous. We serve taxpayers in more than 900+ offices across the country, with a team of Tax Experts using the latest technology to prepare all types of returns, including personal, small business, corporate, farm, trucker, fishing, U.S., rental, and estate. With offices across North America and in 13 foreign countries, we’re able to prepare tax returns for all Canadians no matter where they are. At H&R Block, we have the expertise to handle all tax situations, with over 900+ locations from coast to coast.

We are looking for people who want to help us look at peoples’ lives through tax and find ways to help. We know that the ability to deliver outstanding client service starts with having the best talent on our team, and if you want to be part of our success story then we want to hear from you!

Becoming an H&R Block associate means more than just a paycheque; it’s an opportunity to grow with the strongest brand in the Tax Preparation industry.

We have a heritage of over 120-years of delivering optimism and enjoyment to Canadians.

A family-owned business with more than 5,700 diverse employees coast to coast, we operate in every province through more than 50 sales and distribution centres and five manufacturing facilities.

We’re building a multi-generational business by creating a better future and delivering optimism for our employees, customers, consumers and communities. We are a team and we act like owners, innovate, collaborate, inspire, and work to develop ourselves and each other.


The Roxborough Group has acquired numerous companies since its establishment. This has allowed us to maintain facilities and offices in Avonmore, Alexandria, Clarence Creek/Rockland, Greely, Madoc, and Casselman. And given so many of us live and work in the communities we serve, we also make giving back a priority.

We are Roxborough school bus ​and van ​drivers. We’re an integral part of the communities we serve. We are heroes hidden in plain sight. We care about children and are committed to ensuring students travel safely to and from school. Bus drivers are your family, friends, and neighbours!


Reducing waste made easy. Get your on-the-go meals in reusable containers that are friendlier to the environment.

We’re redefining takeout for the health of the earth. Our reusable containers are made for the environment and food lovers. Our reusable food containers and centralized reuse system keep resources in circulation longer, reducing waste in the landfills and making the most out of every resource harvested. We make it simple to stop the patterns that are harmful to our environment and eliminate sources of waste throughout our economic chains.

Find out where Friendlier gets it’s name! Join our friendly team of change makers. If you are ambitious and eager to make a positive impact, this is the workplace for you.

Richmond Lodge is committed to providing its current clients and potential clients with excellent services based on individual needs. The services of our staff and volunteers will ensure that the dignity and individual needs of each client are respected and maintained.

Richmond Lodge is a residential care facility located in the town of Richmond, Ontario. This facility is within walking distance of a shopping plaza, pharmacy, medical offices, library and several churches. Richmond is in the heart of a farming community where one can spend hours enjoying the clean, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere of the countryside.

Put your COMPASSION into ACTION and contact us about sharing your talents and passions as a volunteer at Richmond Lodge. Families and friends of the residents are encouraged to volunteer. Each person is driven to volunteer for a different reasons and we welcome your individual talents and passions.

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