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No matter your field or background, whether you’re a recent graduate, a skilled professional, or seeking a fresh start, Jobs Canada Fair has become the leading destination for thousands of attendees and Exhibitors since 2010. Through hosting 75+ Career Fairs nationwide, we have been a platform of hope and career possibilities where job seekers have secured their dream positions and exhibitors have found exceptional talents to drive their businesses forward. A multisector event where people from all walks of life come together, fostering a supportive network that encourages growth, collaboration, diversity, and inclusion.


AUGUST 17TH, 2023 . 1PM-4PM.

The List is not complete. Check this page daily for Exhibitor updates.

PepsiCo is a playground for curious people. We invite thinkers, doers, and changemakers to champion innovation, take calculated risks, and challenge the status quo. From executives to team members on the front lines, we’re excited about the future. We take chances. Together, we dare to make the world a better place. Our associates are the magic ingredient. Each of them plays an integral role in helping create deep connections between people and our products. Think about your last group celebration: Chances are, one of our iconic brands was by your side.

At PepsiCo, you’re invited to be a part of a global team of innovators who make, move, and sell these products—which are enjoyed by more than 1 billion people a day. A career at PepsiCo means working in a culture where everyone’s welcome. Here, you can dare to be yourself. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you can influence the people around you and the world at large. By showing up, you’ll have the opportunity to learn, develop and grow your skills for the future. Our supportive teams can fuel your professional goals to make a global impact on people and the planet. Join us. Dare for Better.


We know the importance that food plays in people’s lives – the power it has to bring people, families and communities together. That’s why our purpose brings together all the things which we value as a company – ‘Celebrating real connections through delicious, planet-friendly food‘. Making a difference to today, tomorrow and for generations to come. Joining a new company is a big decision.  It is important to understand the benefits of making the move, and what it would feel like to be part of the company. At McCain Foods, our values of being Family, Authentic, Trusted and Quality shape everything we do and are reflected in our culture around the world. We are McCain. Your career is here. Discover why now Careers | McCain Foods.


As a food company, we offer a wide range of functional opportunities – within our factories, our commercial or manufacturing offices, out in the sales environment, and working in agriculture with our growers. We believe that work and life go hand-in-hand. Which is why we are committed to helping you fulfil your potential, flourish, and thrive in your work and life. We believe our business grows when our people grow. Which is why we are committed to supporting your career ambitions, drive, and success. We believe that everyone can make a meaningful lasting impact to our business and those around us.

We actively recruit the best and brightest professionals and team players in the construction industry. We are looking for experienced, enthusiastic people dedicated to delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions. We strive to attract individuals who seek to excel – that is, those who understand the importance of a positive attitude and exhibit a capacity for growth.

Lantic has been in business for more than 130 years and it’s not just our products that have made us one of Canada’s most beloved brands; it’s also our employees. We believe that the most important ingredient to our success is our employees. Our benefits are designed to help our employees lead healthy lives and succeed in their career.

Lantic Inc. was established in 1890 and has grown into a leading sugar refining facility that employs over 1000 employees across three (3) plants which are located in Montreal, Taber and Vancouver; with a blending facility in Toronto.  The Taber facility is Lantic Inc.’s only Sugar Beet Refining factory that uniquely produces 100% Canadian product.  We have a strong mission and values and believe that our employees are our greatest asset. Join our team for a sweet job opportunity!

Working At Rogers Lantic | Careers | Rogers & Lantic Sugar (


Your journey to a new career and a brighter future starts right now. And at Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC), we’re here to coach, support, and provide you with the hands-on experience you need to find your moment – the moment when everything changes.

In today’s business world, where quality training is not only important but essential to career success, Academy of Learning Career College stands out as a training provider relied on by students, employers, and government agencies. With our self-paced, personalized, one-on-one supported Integrated Learning™ System, and our flexible schedules, you can start training for a new career right away. New classes start every week!


At Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC), we attribute the growth in our success in identifying the gap between the formal education available and the realities of the working world. We fulfill the needs of learners by developing customized programs for each student while meeting the requirements for convenient and effective training at an affordable cost.


Lethbridge Iron Works Ltd. is one of the leading jobbing iron foundries supplying iron castings across North America. Founded in 1898, and headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta, we have since grown into an 110,000 square foot, modern, production foundry managed on a 7-acre expanse in Lethbridge’s industrial park.

We are a company that likes to do things differently. We are constantly innovating, and we never leave our staff in the dust. We work hard to make sure that our staff are properly trained, understand how to keep themselves and each other safe, and who follow our core values every step of the way.


*Be Better * Engaged Employees * Unique Customer Experience * Greater Good * Authentic Relationships*


At LETH IRON we understand that it takes great & talented employees to run a great & progressive company. In order to recruit those great & talented employees we offer a very competitive compensation package comprised of four components: Highly competitive wage, Comprehensive benefits package after three months of service, Participation in a generous company pension plan after one year of service, Semi-annual bonus remuneration (potentially available to all employees after one year of employment) which has provided significant additional historic income to our staff. We believe it is the combination of these four components that makes LETH IRON a most desirable place to work! If you are interested in joining our team, please check the careers page for available job positions.

 Calgary Career Fair



Precision began in 1951 as a small onshore drilling company with one rig and quickly grew into a fleet by the end of the decade. In the 1960s and 70s, Precision expanded globally, with several years operating in Mexico, Australia, Timor, New Guinea, and Sumatra before focusing on Western Canada. This era was one of fleet modernization and technological advancements, including the development of the Deep Freeze-Hole drilling technique.

After joining the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1988, Precision used its financial growth to engineer innovative new rig designs and expanded its services to include well servicing, completion, and more. In the 21st century, Precision committed to sustainable growth and game-changing technological advancements. By investing in safe, efficient rigs and a world-class team, we’re prepared to help usher in a new era of global energy production. Energy Industry Careers | Precision Drilling Jobs

St. John's Career Fair

We are a company built on 100 years of success in the supplemental insurance industry, and it is through outstanding talent that St. John’s Career Fair will continue to grow, have a positive impact on the lives of our customers, and give back to our communities. Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? If so, learn more about our opportunities and apply today! At Combined Insurance we speak a lot about our client service and the dedicated professionals who serve those clients. But we would be remiss if St. John’s Career Fair were to neglect the folks in our corporate offices that provide vital services to both our sales representatives and our clients.

It’s not a business. It’s a mission

Going to work has a whole different meaning when you care about the work you do and the people you affect. And as a Combined Insurance Independent Sales Representative, the work you do makes a direct impact on the lives of families. It lets them breathe a little easier, and sleep a little better because they have the protection they need. That is important work, and as a Combined Insurance Independent Sales Representative, you have the privilege of doing it every day. Opportunities | Combined Insurance

KCL Cattle Company Ltd is a family owned and operated cattle feeding and farming business located in the Lethbridge County.

We here at KCL are proud to be family owned and operated. Les and Lisa, having worked hard to build the business for the past 20 years, are gearing up to pass the torch onto their children.  The strong bond and values of the family are passed throughout the organization and are a large part of the everyday operation of the business.

We strongly believe you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with, and therefore we work closely with Vets, Animal Nutritionists, and other industry professionals. We also work collaboratively with other producers in the area – sharing ideas and gaining new insights. Most importantly, we have a strong team of people who help us achieve all our goals on a day to day basis.


Execuserv plus inc.

Passion, guidance and the education to get your business off the ground and thriving!

Are you tired of the regular/ traditional way of work?
Do you want to build something different, to change how things are done and to be your own boss?
We have the resources, skills and guidance to get you there with our amazing presenters and FREE (to eligible participants) 26 week self employment program. You will walk away with a certificate provided by the province of Alberta.

Execuserv Plus Inc rests on the ancestral land of the Blackfoot and Indigenous people of Canada. Lethbridge is in Treaty 7 territory as well as a part of the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3. This is where the excitement starts to build. It all begins with an idea and we help provide the opportunity for you to make it a reality. The form below helps us to see where you are starting from and helps us build a plan to get you where you want to be.

Execuserv plus inc Application for Self Employment Training

Occupational Health and Occupational Hygiene

HealthyWorker® is the leading provider of Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Health services in Southern Alberta. Our primary location in Lethbridge, Alberta is home to our Occupational Health Clinic as well as our Occupational Health and Hygiene Mobile Fleet. Please contact us for details.

Our Professional Clinic Staff are able to complete drug and alcohol testing/collections, hearing testing, Spirometry, Qualitative and Quantitative mask fit testing, vision screening, LPN/RN/COHN(C)/Physician Medicals, physical demands ability confirmation, and many other services. Our team of Professional Service Vendors provide cost effective and timely referral services including Chiropractic, Audiology, Respiratory, Cardiac, Radiology, Class 1 Driver’s Physician Medicals, Custom Hearing Protection Devices and other services.

Our Mobile Fleet brings our Occupational Health and Occupational Hygiene Professionals to your location to reduce costs associated with Occupational Health and Safety Alberta compliance requirements including Noise Assessments, Air Quality Assessments, Hearing Testing, Mask Fit Testing, Custom Fit Hearing Protection fittings, Ergonomics, and other services.

We specialize in the provision of Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Health Services that Employers are required to perform with their Workers. HealthyWorker® also provides private / walk in / post-accident / post incident testing.
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