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Thursday, May 30th, 2019. From 1pm - 3pm.
PARK TOWN HOTEL. 924 Spadina Cres. E, Saskatoon, S7K 3H5
The List of Exhibitors will be updated on daily basis until the day of the Job Fair. Check this page regular for any updates.


We offer our clientele unique, innovative technologies that make their fuel handling and regulatory compliance activities more cost effective.The Tanknology division has available a set of additional services to identify, reduce or eliminate all sources of product loss along the whole distribution system for retail fuel sales. This unique approach is based on the experience of data analysts backed up by the use of ultra-modern information management systems and the work of highly qualified field technicians to reach the goal of reducing unexplained product losses. These factors combine to make each site on our program more profitable and to reduce the environmental risks associated with product leaks.

The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Asbestos Workers Union dates back to the late 1800’s and the emergence of steam power. The expanded use of steam power during this era had a profound effect on the industrial sector – leading to better heated, more efficient factories and plants, improved working conditions, and the creation of thousands of new manufacturing jobs. The widespread use of steam power also created an entirely new industry – the insulation industry. Skilled insulation mechanics were needed to insulate steam boilers in an effort to conserve the precious energy being piped to residential and industrial facilities. The insulation mechanics who provided this craftsmanship worked almost totally without organized representation.

Mainstreet Equity Corp. is a publicly traded (TSX: MEQ) residential real estate company in Canada. Established in 1998, Mainstreet has grown its portfolio from 272 units with a market value of approximately $17 million to 10,150 units (YTD) and approximately $1.4 billion market value. Mainstreet positions itself as a value creator by purchasing under-performing properties, renovating them to a branded standard, improving operating efficiencies and repositioning them in the market for greater returns. Mainstreet currently owns and operates properties in Surrey, BC; New Westminster, BC; Abbotsford, BC; Calgary, AB; Cochrane, AB; Edmonton, AB; Lethbridge, AB; Fort Saskatchewan, AB; and Saskatoon, SK.

Be Part of Something Big. At Maple Leaf Foods, we are proud of our company, our products and our role in providing safe, great tasting, nutritious food to help nurture people’s potential during every meal of the day. Our values-based culture, our passionate people and our clear vision to be the most sustainable protein company on earth makes us an exciting place to work! Join Our team. At Maple Leaf Foods we have a Leadership Edge, which is a commitment to be leaders in how we engage and develop our people. We have a culture that supports people to thrive and reach their full potential. We have an expectation that our people will take a stand, pursue excellence and create the future.

Dias Geophysical is a ground geophysical service provider that specializes in delivering 3D and 2D resistivity and induced polarization survey solutions worldwide. Dias has developed its proprietary DIAS32 survey technology to offer several unique advantages. Safely ahead of the rest – With rigorous safety procedures and integrated safety systems such as our proprietary lightning shunt and current lockout technologies, Dias is leading the industry forward on survey safety. Flexible and scalable – The DIAS32 system’s fully-distributed architecture facilitates maximum flexibility in survey design, and a unique voltage referencing approach that allows for full scalability.

International Immigration and Business Consulting also known as IIBC is an immigration and business consulting firm. IIBC specializes in providing growth, hiring, immigration, relocation and retention strategies for growing businesses requiring foreign workers. IIBC is looking to match investors to facilitate purchases of Saskatchewan businesses for sale. IIBC also provides consulting services for all types of Federal immigration applications and Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program applications through a streamlined approach.

Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE) is a community of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth committed to building honest and equitable relationships.We believe in a Canada where youth stand in solidarity to promote respect, understanding, and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. CRE builds bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in Canada by facilitating dialogue and strengthening relationships through leadership programs.

Since 1970, Radius is a non-profit community organization offering services for children and adults in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Radius is a leader in helping people connect to community through education, participation and skills training. Radius provides services that support individuals looking for work, businesses in strengthening their employee development programs and families with youth with acquired brain injuries connect with support workers for recreation and social activities. Since 1970, Radius is a non-profit community organization offering services for children and adults in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Prehistoric Productions is an Independent Video Production company that seeks to make professional quality video more accessible. Whether it’s capturing the success of your big event or creating promotional material for your business, Prehistoric Productions will work with you to bring your vision to life. A promotional video is an excellent way to assist in the growth and prosperity of your business. In an age where social media is the fastest growing platform for advertising, video content is the best way to separate your business from competitors.

Founded in 1935, Stokes Inc. is Canada’s leading tableware, kitchenware and home décor store. Based in Montreal, we are a privately owned and operated company with two brands at the heart of our success: Stokes and thinkkitchen. Now operating more than 150 stores in Canada and 23 stores internationally, as well as running an ever-growing online presence, we employ more than 1,000 associates and are constantly expanding our horizons. We are proud to manufacture quality garments in Canada with proven protective fabrics from North America. We know that the lives of oil and gas workers and those who face industrial hazards every day depend on our products being right the first time. Join Us!