Jobs Canada

A diverse range of recruitment events and free employment services that enable Job Seekers
across Canada to discover different facets of the labour market and learn numerous
employment opportunities, career resources and job possibilities that Canadian
have to offer in their particular fields of expertise (employment, education,
career development,
immigration and training).


Jobs Canada create job possibilities and provide employment awareness across Canada to anyone looking for job opportunities, career change or interested in obtaining information on the Canadian labour market, job search techniques and professional orientations (career workshops, resume critiques, interview tips, etc.).

  • Direct contacts with recruiters, business professionals, HR managers, admission officers and advisory bodies/training.
  • Unlimited advancement, career flexibility and knowledge across industry in Canada and International.
  • Opportunities for professional advancement and personal development for everyone and anyone looking for a work.
  • Jobs Canada TV with exhibitor presentations with HR policies, recruiting strategies, advises, Labor Market, etc.

45 Job Fairs across Canada :

Jobs Canada is Canada's leading Job Fair Organization in 10 provinces and 1 territories (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories), covering over 25 cities and 35 Job Fairs across Canada and over 28 Virtual Job Fairs worldwide.

Each year, Jobs Canada Fair welcomes thousands of job seekers across Canada and international searching for job opportunities in different industries (Health Care, Mining, Engineering, Finance, Administration, Accounting, Collections, Advertising, Marketing, Media, Cosmetics, Telecommunications, Technology, Film, Aerospace, Oil, Tourism, Education, Civil, Transportation, Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Music, Publishing, Software Production, Air, Automotive, Medical research, Government, Biotechnology, Legal, Mechanical, Real Estate, Immigration, Investments, Retail, Sales, Electronics, Computers, Fabrications, Sport Industries, Insurance, etc. )

Jobs Canada & International :

As our mission is to provide employment awareness and create job opportunities, Jobs Canada has joined the technology platform, creating over 28 Virtual Job Fairs for specific skills and professions to support Canadian Organizations looking for skilled workers and help job seekers with high qualifications and certification in different industries ( Retail & Wholesale Job Fair, Engineer & High Tech Job Fair, Security Job Fair, Transportation Job Fair, Tourism Job Fair, Health, Sales & Marketing, Food & Restaurant, Legal and more)

The Virtual Job Fair has opened doors to the world. Hundreds of skilled workers and experienced job seekers attend Jobs Canada Virtual Job Fair to meet and network with Canadian Organizations. No more geographical barriers. Jobs Canada connect Canada and the word (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe,North America, and South America.). Job Seekers from around the word connect to the Virtual Platform anywhere and anytime from their cell phones, IPad, lPhones and personal computers. Employers can now meet, connect, recruit, interview and hire job seekers anywhere (office, coffee shop, home, while in meetings, etc.). This is a new era of online recruitment.

Other Recruitment Services:

In order to succeed in creating job opportunities and providing employment awareness to millions of job seekers across Canada, Jobs Canada offer FREE recruitment services to ANY recruiters, HR Managers and hiring companies across Canada that have current job openings and are looking for immediate interviews or possibly immediate hiring :

  • Free Resume Access (hundreds of resumes are received on monthly basis and are made available to hiring companies upon request.
  • Free Online Advertisement ( promote your job postings and brand your company with online banners anywhere on the website)
  • Jobs Canada TV (Company presentations with HR policies, recruiting strategies, advises, Labor Market, employment awareness, etc.)
  • Career Workshops (engage job seekers and give them a chance to know your company's culture, job opportunities, hiring process.)
  • Resume Critique ( opportunities for professional advancement and personal development for everyone and anyone looking for a work.)

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