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Wednesday, December 19th, 2018. From 1pm - 4pm.
HOLIDAY INN & SUITES HOTEL. 1110 Howe Street, Vancouver, V6Z 1R2
The List of Exhibitors will be updated on daily basis until the day of the Job Fair. Check this page regular for any updates.


At PepsiCo Canada, we're committed to achieving business and financial success while leaving a positive imprint on society - delivering what we call Performance with Purpose. Our approach to superior financial performance is straightforward - drive shareholder value. By addressing social and environmental issues, we also deliver on our purpose agenda, which consists of human, environmental, and talent sustainability. At PepsiCo Canada, we believe that being a responsible corporate citizen is not only the right thing to do, but the right thing to do for our business. See you at the Job Fair!

founder's philosophy was simple - serve customers with honesty and fairness, and listen carefully to ensure the solutions we create have lasting value. The commitment to treating every customer with integrity and respect persists to this day. So does our quest to continually raise the bar in how we operate and deliver value to our customers.As an independent company, we provide unbiased and reliable vehicle solutions - across all makes, models and specifications - for small businesses, large corporate clients, business professionals and individuals who want control over their options.

Securiguard established its first contract in 1974, securing the mining town of Cassiar, acting as an extension of management focusing on customer service. Our original trade name was World Investigation, Security Division. Throughout our history, we have been known for innovation: introducing the first high visibility yellow jacket (before the police), the first bicycle patrol and the first private security company to become ISO certified. Being recognized as a leader in the corporate security industry, Securiguard was the first private security company to be selected to replace the RCMP at a Class 1 Airport, at the time, the only one in Canada.

Building an incredible product takes an incredible team. Here, everyone has an impact — on the app and on the millions of travelers who use Hopper every day. At the heart of Hopper is our users’ trust in us, our expertise, and our passion. So everything we build, we build for them. We move quickly, testing and iterating, thinking big and planning for the future we want, where everyone can travel. Peek any whiteboard and you’ll find grand plans. Pop into a meeting and hear world-changing, maybe even crazy, ideas. Scribble solutions on a napkin. Brainstorm over the espresso machine. This is how we build — together. Meet you at the Job Fair!

Successful fleet management often includes a combination of rented, leased and purchased vehicles. Penske offers you all three options. And Penske can help you decide what’s right for your needs through a Comparative Value Analysis. We’ll review your expenses, look for savings and compare your operation to industry standards. Then you can make the best decision to rent, lease or own the vehicles in your fleet.

Canbest is committed to bringing transparency and student-centric preparation to China's rapidly group international education market. Canbest has created a cloud-based platform that enables parents and students to take control of and manage the high school and university planning, preparation, and application process. For decades, China's international education market has been clouded by information scarcity and imbalance, tremendous academic competition, and a fragmented pool of education agents. The result: families spending huge sums for overseas education experiences that often fall short of dreams and expectations. Now, Canbest provides parents and students with straightforward knowledge and resources to make the right decisions.

The satisfaction and goodwill of our clients is our goal. To achieve this goal we have created an environment that challenges, empowers, encourages, and nurtures our employees so that they can work to their highest potential and best serve our customers. We conduct all of our affairs in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Our business practices, decisions and policies are based on a shared system of values and beliefs. We are guided by these principles in our interactions with each other, with our customers and within our community.

We have carefully built our team to ensure that we have the best in the business. Our people are focused on safety, are highly experienced, and are committed to the success of our projects and our clients. We have developed a robust network of suppliers, sub-contractors, consultants, Indigenous partners and other strategic partners. Together, we are well positioned to meet the diverse and evolving needs of our clients across the country, offering everything from specialized services to large, complex end-to-end solutions.

The Brick's friendly and professional people work hard for our customers every day. Our head office is proudly based in Edmonton, Alberta, and we operate more than 220 stores across Canada. We're not just The Brick - we're also The Brick Mattress Store, The Brick Super Store and The Brick Outlet. Our Company additional subsidiaries, including MidNorthern Appliance, a commercial and residential appliance supplier, and First Oceans, which sources furniture and other products for our business. Also part of The Brick Group is TransGlobal Service, which provides after-sales support to customers, and TransGlobal Insurance, which sells property and life insurance across Canada. TransGlobal Warranty Corp., meanwhile, administers our extended warranty programs.

ATP Mortgage is one of the leading mortgage brokerage firms in Canada with access to a number of trustworthy lenders. We connect residents of Canada with best mortgage lenders throughout the country to help them secure their home financially. Our team understands that even a minimal difference in the rate of interest can make all the difference and help save our clients thousands of dollars. This is why we make all the efforts to match you with an ideal lender that suits your specific requirements and get banks across the nation to compete for financing your mortgage. Whether you are planning to purchase a new home, establish a business, or perhaps refinance an already existing loan, we have just the right solution for you.

Our vision for our space was clear - we knew that we wanted simplicity to define our food and for sophistication to be echoed through our presentation. With that, the seed of Bánh Mì Très Bon was planted. Before we could move forward and nurture that idea, we needed to travel backwards - all the way back to the basics. We also considered do we maintain the integrity of the food and create the sophistication we envisioned? Along with the food, the French inspired us to eat with our eyes, creating respect for how the food was prepared and how it was presented.
Looking forward to see you at the Vancouver Job Fair!

The Eclipse Foundation provides our global community of individuals and organizations with a mature, scalable, and business-friendly environment for open source software collaboration and innovation. The Foundation is home to the Eclipse IDE, Jakarta EE, and over 350 open source projects, including runtimes, tools, and frameworks for a wide range of technology domains such as the Internet of Things, automotive, geospatial, systems engineering, and many others. Our members include industry leaders who have embraced open source as a key enabler for business strategy.

The first Edo Japan is opened in Calgary, Alberta by Susumu Ikuta, a Japanese Buddhist minister who came up with the idea of serving traditional Teppan-style meals with a signature Teriyaki sauce (a recipe that remains a closely guarded secret even today).Ikuta leaves the organization after being appointed Bishop of the Buddhist Churches of Canada. Tom Donaldson is hired as CEO, transforming Edo Japan from a “mom and pop” operation into a thriving franchise. Excited to meet you at the Job Fair!

FIELDS stores have been owned and operated by FHC Enterprises Ltd. since May 2012, but have dotted the Canadian landscape for many years. For almost 70 years, FIELDS has been a central part of many rural Canadian communities and we’re proud to share in such a long and rich history. If you’ve ever done a road trip across Western Canada, it’s likely you’ve seen or visited a FIELDS along your route. To many highway-bound Canadians, the familiar red lettered sign means a place to buy pretty much anything you might have forgotten at home! For the communities surrounding our stores, FIELDS is the place to find everyday items and much more – often saving a long trip (and the cost of fuel) to “the city”. From housewares and sporting goods to footwear and fashion, you’ll find it at FIELDS.

Established in 2009, Impact Recruitment entered the market with a singular vision – to provide the highest quality recruitment service in North America. Headquartered in beautiful downtown Vancouver and with a newly established satellite office in Toronto, Impact has seen incredible growth in the last nine years. Ranked by Canadian Business as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies for 2016, 2017 and 2018, Impact Recruitment is recognized as Western Canada’s premier search firm for experienced professionals and managers. At Impact, our focus is on fit, quality, and building long-term relationships – and this has lead us to a client repeat rate of over 98%.

The John Howard Society of the Lower Mainland of BC (JHSLM) is a non-profit charitable organization which provides assistance with housing, life-skills, and community-based support with the goal of assisting individuals to achieve greater independence and value their positive contributions to society. We advocate for just and humane punishment for crime, and educate on the social, economic, and personal costs of crime. We promote community safety by supporting persons involved in the criminal justice system, those at risk of involvement in crime, or those at risk of being impacted by criminal events.

PROUDLY 100% CANADIAN-OWNED. Kin’s Farm Market is a Canadian-owned specialty produce retailer that comprises corporate and franchise stores with 28 locations in British Columbia. Our mission is to be a leader in specialty produce through a family-team environment by delivering freshness, offering unique customer service, promoting healthy lifestyles, and providing rewarding careers. Looking forward to see you at the Job Fair!

Pro Vita Care Management Inc. (Pro Vita) is a Canadian owned and operated company, providing contract care services to various homes. Some areas of our expertise include Long Term Care, Mental Health and Assisted Living residences. Our group of companies has over 23 years’ experience in the industry, including complex care, administration, management of private facilities, as well as development and redevelopment of new and existing facilities. Our team also provides Clinical Consulting services across Canada.

At Noval Holdings, Targeted Talent, and Cerberus consulting, these aren’t just words.They’re promises. A promise to ourselves and our clients, guaranteeing that we recognize and value the differences that make each of us strong, successful, and above all, human. A promise to rigorously review and maintain our hiring practices to ensure that equity and acceptance are always front and centre in our recruiting process, employment policies, and workplace culture. Excited to meet you at the Job fair!

FLOW is a whole new Thai massage & spa centre planned to launch in February 2019 to provide the utmost luxurious and pampering experience to our clients in the state-of-the-art facility we have created in the heart of Richmond BC. Our clients will experience a truly nourishing and tranquil spa journey to reconnect the body and mind in an elaborate environment with a holistic combination of natural fragrances, soothing music, and invigorating decors.

We’re specialists in freshly picked produce from across BC, including fresh fruit from Okanagan farmers and organic vegetables grown right here in the Lower Mainland. The Langley Farm Market (LFM) retail chain has five Metro Vancouver locations offering fresh produce, meat, specialty groceries, baked goods and delicatessen cold cuts. While LFM is an established business, it maintains an entrepreneurial spirit and a track record of sustained growth. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for organic and specialty food, join us today!