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Tuesday, July 16th, 2019. From 1pm - 4pm.
Holiday Inn & Suites, 999 Rue Saint Urbain, Montreal, QC, H2Z 0B4
The List of Exhibitors will be updated on daily basis until the day of the Job Fair. Check this page regular for any updates.


This is where some of the world’s most passionate people create the world’s most innovative products and experiences. Join us and you’ll do the best work of your life — and make a difference in other people’s lives.
Do more than you ever thought possible. Have more impact than you ever imagined. Meet us at the Job Fair on July 16th, 2019 !

Medavie Blue Cross is a leading member of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross plans that collectively provide coverage to over seven million Canadians. As a not-for-profit organization, we provide health, dental, travel, life and disability benefits to individuals and organizations, and administer various government-sponsored health programs. Our shareholders are the employees, clients and communities we serve. We channel an annual social dividend to the Medavie Health Foundation as part of our commitment to helping Canadians live their best lives, both mentally and physically.

Cryopak is a complete cold chain solutions provider specializing in the field of temperature controlled packaging, temperature monitoring solutions and cold chain services. We handle your cold chain projects with one paramount goal: maintaining the integrity of your products. We are proud to provide products that are engineered with sustainable design in mind and that can also have an impact on your sustainable achievement goals. Join us at the Montreal Job Fair! is fast becoming the Canadian advertising Web site of reference for those offering or seeking job openings in the automotive industry. staff have acquired wide-ranging automotive industry experience and skills to help automotive job seekers find employment using advanced recruiting methods in tune with today’s market.’s use of new job seeking, job promoting, publicity and Internet technology is the most efficient way to surpass present and future customer needs.

NTD is home to more than 600 associates who enjoy challenging themselves and the rewards of a job well done. We're always looking for top talent to join our NTD family. We want NTD to be the place where you do your best work. Whether you’re fresh out of school or are a seasoned pro, there’s a challenge for you here—one you can own. We're big believers that great thinking can come from anyone. Our different backgrounds and experiences are what set us apart in the industry and ultimately lead us to amazing ideas. That’s why we take such pride in championing each other. We host several events and celebrations throughout the year to reward employees and build a strong team culture. With that said, there's also an expectation of excellence. We expect nothing less than your best in all that you do. Bring yours, and we’ll bring ours.

Through its cultural, artistic, sporting and social activities, the LDV Centre seeks to nourish exchanges among people of all ages and strengthen bonds between cultural communities.At the Leonardo de Vinci Centre, we turn lives into beautiful stories. Come join us and stay fit with modern gym facilities and skilled coaches, learn a new language, or how to cook exquisite meals and enjoy a wide range of cultural activities, from art exhibitions to theatre plays or music shows.The well-being of the community is the core value of all our activities and we strive every minute to achieve the highest standards in our community. This is why there is always something interesting here, this is how we managed to turn the Centre into an essential part of our members’ lives.

The Department of Justice is headed by the Deputy Minister, who provides advice and support to the Minister and acts as the main interface between the political and administrative functions of government. The Department of Justice is a medium-sized department with around 5,000 employees. Roughly one half of departmental staff are lawyers. The other half is made up of a broad range of professionals, including paralegals, social scientists, program managers, communications specialists, administrative services personnel, computer service professionals, and financial officers.

With over 50 years of experience, our mission is to build and develop lasting business partnerships with employees and employers.We want to get to know you, to understand your career aspirations and goals, to guide you to opportunities that will meet your skills, experience and personality and ensure you are well integrated and satisfied at work. Over 10,000 candidates in placed in temporary and permanent roles through our network of 22 branches in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. In which areas? Administration, banking, hospitality, industrial, medical, retail, skilled trades and transportation.

Entreprise familiale propriétaire de résidences pour aînés et d’immeubles locatifs établie à Montréal depuis 1991, IMMO 1ère offre des espaces de vie confortables et modernes à louer dans la région métropolitaine, ainsi que des soins adaptés dans ses résidences de Montréal, de la Montérégie, du Centre-du-Québec et de Québec. Nous gérons sainement nos propriétés afin de permettre à tous de bénéficier de la paix d’esprit qu’il ou elle recherche. Si vous avez des questions sur nos immeubles locatifs ou nos résidences, n’hésitez pas à appeler notre équipe.

Candidates on temporary assignment may qualify for our competitive benefits package which includes group health, life and disability insurance and voluntary benefits such as retirement savings and holiday pay. Ask your staffing manager for more information.We know what fair and competitive compensation is for your area and work with our clients to help keep them educated on the market value for in-demand skills.We never charge fees to represent you as a job candidate. We are excited to see you at the Job Fair!

Idea Service est toujours à la recherche de gens dévoués et passionnés afin de joindre les rangs de notre entreprise en pleine expansion. En choisissant de postuler chez nous, vous aurez la chance d’évoluer dans un environnement de travail stimulant où les talents et compétences de chacun sont mis à contribution afin que l’entreprise évolue tout comme l’ensemble de nos employés. Nous encourageons le travail d’équipe et souhaitons que chaque membre mette l’épaule à la roue afin de contribuer à notre succès.

Le Groupe PMLC est une firme de recrutement de personnel oeuvrant principalement dans les métiers spécialisés et la bureautique. L'équipe de PMLC offre simplicité et efficacité pour vos besoins en main d'oeuvre spécialisée. Le Groupe PMLC vous aide à prévenir et réduire les accidents au travail, ce qui fait de nous un partenaire important pour votre entreprise. Le Groupe PMLC possède et applique son propre programme de santé et sécurité au travail. Nos travailleurs sont sensibilisés à la santé et sécurité au travail et ils appliquent les normes établies par notre professionnel. Dans cette optique, nous offrons une formation de pointe à tous nos travailleurs et nous les accompagnons dans leurs démarches afin de nous assurer que les qualifications et les compétences sont valides et en règles. Notre seul but, maximiser votre productivité! See you at the Job Fair!

Ever since its beginning, Renovco promptly became the leader in renovation and restoration services in the greater Montreal area. The full spectrum approach adopted by Renovco’s Management, from being general contractors to restoration experts to a fully equipped design center has earned Renovco the spot lead in the construction field. It has received several remarkable recognitions from reputable institutions such as Canadian Business Magazine: PROFIT500: Fastest Growing Companies in Canada as well as Consumer Choice Award for the past 4 consecutive years. Nonetheless, it has also obtained accreditation from different Professional establishments such as the IICRC (Clean Trust Certified) and the OCCQ (Quebec’s BBB: A1 Rating). We look forward to meeting you at the Job Fair at Holiday Inn & Suites, Montreal !

Are you looking for a career in Web Marketing? Find a job that is both stimulating and creative at Index! Be a part of a great team. We hire from everywhere in the world. Our team is diversified and multicultural. Have you worked full-time or part-time, as an intern, or a freelancer? Your professional journey matters to us, send us your resume today, even if the position has already been filled. To get more information, meet face to face at the Montreal Job Fair!

Every day, more than 11 million guests visit BURGER KING® restaurants around the world. And they do so because our restaurants are known for serving high-quality, great-tasting, and affordable food. Founded in 1954, BURGER KING® is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. The original HOME OF THE WHOPPER®, our commitment to premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experiences is what has defined our brand for more than 50 successful years.

Over the years, we have developed extensive expertise in manufacturing shoe covers for use in industries concerned with compliance and cross-contamination. We design our products for practicality and we package them for convenience. Shoe Cover Expertise Our experience in manufacturing shoe covers enables us to maintain the delicate balance between product engineering, production efficiency and cost control. This is what makes us capable of offering competitive and superior products. Personalized Shoe Covers We work with you to select the fabric, form and fit to best suit your requirements and we can print your personalized design, logo or special message on your shoe covers.

es saveurs délectables de l’Italie sont offertes chez Milano Fruiterie, le marché tout-en-un de Montréal pour les spécialités italiennes et locales. Toutes les saveurs délectables de l’italie sont offertes chez milano fruiterie. Les habitants de la petite-italie, les gourmets montréalais, les touristes italiens, tous sont des habitués bien accueillis. Après soixante ans en affaires, milano fruiterie demeure le magasin tout-en-un de montréal pour les spécialités italiennes et locales. Milano Fruiterie de Montréal, le premier supermarché de spécialités italiennes au Québec, a été fondé par notre père, Vincenzo Zaurrini, en 1954. Il avait un objectif simple : partager l’excellence culinaire de l’Italie avec ses compatriotes montréalais. Pâtes, fines herbes fraîches, charcuterie, fromages, huiles d’olive, vinaigre balsamique, café; soixante ans plus tard, la brillance gastronomique de l’Italie ne montre aucun signe d’affaiblissement et tout comme elle, Milano Fruiterie ne montre aucun signe de déclin. En fait, depuis sa fondation, Milano Fruiterie n’a cessé de croître. Plus d’espace, plus de produits, toujours la même excellente qualité. Celia et Mario Zaurrini, Milano Fruiterie.

Is it becoming more and more difficult for you to take care of your aging parents and you want the very best for them? Or can the residence they live in no longer provide the care they need? We understand. We have lived this personnally. This is the reason we exist. We provide personalized care to your loved one and help them maintain their physical or cognitive autonomy in a safe and warm environment.

For more than 14 years, Office Equipment Solutions inc has distributed a wide range of photocopiers and printers including: Xerox, Sharp, Canon, Konica Minolta and Samsung. We have at our disposal for our customers a wide range of new products, systems and services in the digital world.We sell a wide range of monochrome and colour printing solutions which can be connected to your network (or not). We provide a wide range of products for our professional clientele, including: photocopiers, printers, fax, scanners, shredders, large format printers, binders & network software solutions. You can now scan, classify, centralize and share your documents safely whatever their origin. We can offer you financing best suited to your budget, giving you all the detailed explanations on the different financial products offered. We are excited to meet you at the Job Fair between 1 - 4 PM at Holiday Inn Hotel !

LISI AEROSPACE is ranked 60th in the global aerospace value chain and specializes in the design and manufacture of high-tech metal components to enhance aircraft safety and performance. Active since 1950 in the fastener market (no. 3 worldwide), LISI AEROSPACE has been a recognized player in metal components for aircraft engines and airframes since 2011. Our products feature in a majority of the world’s aircraft and at every stage in their life cycles. Serving more than 300 customers in 30 countries, our teams excel through their capacity to innovate and ensure exceptional operational performance