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Tuesday, February 25th, 2020. From 1pm - 3pm.
HOLIDAY INN HOTEL. 601, Scottsdale Dr, Guelph, ON, N1G 3E7
The List of Exhibitors will be updated on daily basis until the day of the Job Fair. Check this page regular for any updates.


The goal of Musashi’s “Monozukuri” activity is to channel all of our passion and energy into generating value for society: as a manufacturer we are committed to transforming “Power to Value”. As a global company we are also committed to meeting our obligations to the wider society. We will continue to actively contribute to our local communities around the world, while also seeking to enhance and conserve the environment around us at both a local and a global level.

Established in 1996, Ontario One Call is a not-for-profit organization that acts as a communications link between buried infrastructure owners (our members) and individuals who are planning to dig in the province of Ontario. In 2012, the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act was passed, which stipulates that by law, anyone in the province of Ontario must contact Ontario One Call before they dig. Though Ontario One Call does not physically mark the lines, pipes, or cables, we relay all dig information to the buried infrastructure owners so they can mark (locate) based on the request you submit. Buried infrastructure owners will then deliver locates, by marking the property with paint and/or sending paperwork directly to you. Locates minimize the risk of infrastructure damage, loss of service, and injury. Our workforce is made up of associates located in both our Guelph and Sudbury locations who enjoy a supportive and open door work environment. We are committed to providing a work environment that is inclusive and free of employment barriers.

Work for Life is a campaign initiated by Home Care Ontario and the Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA), and funded by the Government of Ontario, to raise awareness about the opportunities and benefits of becoming a Personal Support Worker (PSW). We represent compassionate, hard-working PSWs and other home care professionals who provide necessary and valuable care to patients all across the province. Ontario’s population is aging. It means our home care needs are growing and the job opportunities for Personal Support Workers are multiplying. We launched the Work for Life campaign to spread the word and provide all the necessary resources in one spot for those thinking about a career in health care. What exactly is a PSW? What are the benefits? How long until I’m working? We will answer all your questions and help you make the choice of a lifetime.

Héroux-Devtek is the third-largest manufacturer of landing gear in the world. Our operations employ approximately 1,960 people in North America and Europe, all of whom are proud to work in a highly technological environment that is both stimulating and people-oriented. At Héroux-Devtek, we provide employees with an environment that favors their professional development. We emphasize internal development and continuous training because we realize the importance of developing skills for employees to succeed in achieving their career goals.

At Innosphere we are not just software developers. We are your IT partner dedicated to giving you the highest quality products with spectacular service. From software solutions to testing and quality assurance, your needs come first. Our talented group will work closely with you to develop the perfect solution for your enterprise or small business. Whether you are looking to supplement your current team or are starting from scratch, our friendly staff will walk you through the entire software process from conception to implementation and maintenance. We work within the context of your company - as members of your team who keep your best interests at heart - to promote success. We can even help you develop and analyze a process that makes designing and building software within your own company easy and efficient. In business since 1999 and counting - constantly learning, constantly moving forward. Our agile team is ready to help improve performance by showing you a different way to work. Let us bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to your team!

T’s Complete Move provides residential moving, downsizing and organizational help to seniors and time-pressed households. Our "Five Star Honesty" philosophy means our clients can be assured that we sincerely honor our clients' personal property and confidences. T’s Complete Move manages and implements any or all aspects of the household move from start to finish including: preparing home for sale, professional packing, unpacking and settling in new home. Additional services include organizing, sorting, de-cluttering, arranging for sale and recycling of unwanted possessions, arranging for and overseeing Movers, Realtor connection and more.

The basis upon which Telco operates is simple: a dedication to forging relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees, built upon respect and integrity. Founded in 1992 by father and son, George and Tsvet Tsokov, Telco Steel Works Ltd. established itself as an industry leader based on George's impeccable reputation in the steel industry. George personified the phrase, "his word was his bond", and it was this substance of character that placed Telco on the path to success. Today, Telco has established a network that extends nation-wide. Telco's ability to deliver is supported by a team of engineers, draftsmen, shop and office personnel with a varied set of skills and aptitudes. Telco's leadership is driven by a management team focused on maintaining current alliances and continually searching out new ones. Telco remains poised to confront future challenges within the framework of excellence we have achieved in the steel industry.

The Star's award-winning newspaper is number one in the country with almost a million weekly print readers* and an audience of over million, cross-platform. With newsrooms in seven cities, the Star is committed to local journalism on a national scale. Its trusted environments are a safe-haven for brands who want to connect with Canadian audiences.

Your Local, Fresh and Wholesome Gourmet Market. We are passionate about Food and Community!

A forty-year veteran of the roofing profession, Randy Walden established Nedlaw Roofs in 1988 to fill a need within the commercial, institutional and industrial sector for high-quality yet reasonably priced roofing services. By successfully completing a wide range of projects that involve unique challenges, Nedlaw has steadily grown to become one of Ontario’s largest and most respected roofing contractors. Today Nedlaw serves customers across the country, with over one-hundred professional, full-time, year-round staff; our own state-of-the-art equipment; a fully outfitted fleet of vehicles and our on-premises sheet-metal shop.

As a local business services partner we offer marketing, training and accounting services to many businesses in surrounding communities. Advertising, websites, graphic design, business branding, book-keeping, tax returns, payroll services, safety training, computer courses and business seminars – we’re here to help! Our slogan “For your community; in your community” rings true as we come onsite to discuss website projects, accounting needs or provide safety training. We offer a local sales rep in all communities we serve for localized, in person service for all business services we offer.

The benefits of being a Five Star Insurance broker partner are endless. Not only do you gain the independence you crave, but you gain the financial stability you could not otherwise have on your own. One fear a producer has when attempting to stop working for someone else and take control of their career is the overhead cost. With Five Star Partner Program there is no need for any overhead cost. Brokers have the ability to work directly from their home, their cottage, their client’s home. Five Star is everywhere the internet is. We are completely mobile. All you need to conduct your business through Five Star is a computer, a printer, and a connection to the internet.

WINMAR® performs restoration services for residential and commercial properties across Canada. Our crews offer prompt and professional services to help our customers get back to pre-loss life with the least amount of interruption and associated costs as possible. We specialize in water damage, fire and smoke restoration services, mould inspection and removal, as well as damage restoration and disaster recovery. We also focus on construction, renovation and demolition services.