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Monday, February 25th, 2019. From 1pm - 3pm.
BEST WESTERN PLUS HOTEL. 131 Laurier St, Gatineau, QC, J8X 3W3
The List of Exhibitors will be updated on daily basis until the day of the Job Fair. Check this page regular for any updates.


Built on the foundation of a medically designed and developed weight loss protocol, Ideal Protein is a weight loss and lifestyle education organization. Ideal Protein is committed to the four pillars of validated science for safe weight loss, personalized one-on-one coaching and support, dieter empowerment and a healthier lifestyle education so dieters may sustain their results long-term. These four pillars, and the emphasis on the need for lifestyle change to ensure successful weight loss, are at the heart of what makes our protocol unique. Ideal Protein’s mission is to have a meaningful impact on global epidemic of obesity. Therefore, providing our dieters with a quality of service that matches the quality of our products is our number one priority..

For over 75 years, Commissionaires Ottawa has fostered a work culture that is rooted in military tradition and a work force that values dedication, trust, loyalty and honesty. Although hiring from the military community remains a priority, our social mandate has two other commitments. One is to recruit RCMP veterans. The other is to carefully screen and recruit security-conscious citizens who have proven skills and a strong desire to protect the safety and well-being of their fellow Canadians. By rounding out our ranks with competent, highly trained security professionals of all ages and all walks of life, Commissionaires Ottawa has the resources to meet—and exceed—the unique security requirements of each and every client.

Our Star Plan Professional lawn care program is designed to position your lawn for optimal growth, health and longevity. All of our applications are 100% environmentally-friendly and have been carefully selected for each season and region of the country. The Star Plan Professional is our most comprehensive program offering 7 separate applications. The Professional will launch your lawn into a state of renewed vitality with core aeration and over-seeding applications in both prime root growth periods (spring & fall) plus organic fertilizer applications that will safely promote lawn growth and root stability throughout the season..

Since 1991, H2O has been the leader in lifeguard and recreation management in Eastern Canada. We offer year round and seasonal service for swimming pools, fitness/sports centers, recreation centers, beaches and other leisure facilities. Our clients include hotels, condominium associations, municipalities and property management firms. H2O’s 300 employees work as lifeguards, personal trainers, fitness & swimming instructors, attendants and certified pool technicians. All H2O’s employees are certified, highly trained and insured. H2O’s team is focused on customizing a management program for your facility, while meeting all budget demands and providing a 5 star clientele service. In addition, H2O offers aquatic and first aid training through the Royal Lifesaving Society of Canada and the Red Cross. Participants can take courses at one of our pools, or we can arrange group or corporate courses at your location. All certifications are nationally recognized through the Royal Lifesaving Society of Canada and the Red Cross.

Prizma is a powder coating and painting company established in 2011, located in Gatineau, Quebec. We specialize in custom coating for a large range of clientele including high-tech, military, aerospace, commercial, residential, and the general public. Our team takes great pride in providing quality work and responding to our clients needs. Prizma possesses a Controlled Goods Certificate (CGC) and our paint specialists are approved for Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) application. All in-house work is completed in secured facilities while adhering to stringent security criteria. We offer a wide variety of services including powder coating, liquid painting, ceramic coating, in-house sandblasting, and on-site electrostatic painting as well as pick-up and delivery service. We also work hand-in-hand with certified subcontractors specializing in fabrication, anodizing, zinc plating and silk screening. Whether it be for prototypes or large projects, we strive to provide quality work in a timely fashion.

We influence purchase decisions by creating and activating events that connect with Costco members. You’ll find great value and benefits in working with us: CDS is the preferred in-house marketing service provider in Costco. We have been your global event marketing partner at Costco for more than 25 years, and have dedicated sales teams around the world. Our global network ensures we can effectively develop and execute promotional programs for your products globally. We have successfully duplicated our promotional programs in 9 countries and held over 2 million events worldwide in 2015. We drive trial and increase sales. Our company manages 2.5 million annual events and has made 2 billion interactions with members each year. Our teams share product information and samples to help raise brand awareness that drives sales.

Graybridge Malkam is a privately held corporation founded in 1988. As our mission statement suggests, we are consumed with helping individuals and organizations maximize their abilities by developing their skills, knowledge and competencies. Our expertise includes diversity, intercultural and language training. Graybridge Malkam specializes in the design and delivery of courses and workshops using proven adult education methodologies. Our extensive network of facilitators, instructional designers and subject matter experts allows us to broaden our service range, based on need, and provide the right solution for your organization.

Plyomax is more than a gym. It’s a system that will help you achieve real fitness results, regardless of your current level. It helps fitness rookies learn to connect with their bodies, and it can take seasoned athletes to levels they never thought possible. Because it’s based on knowledge of how the body works, it will help you train safely so that you can keep training and get the results you’ve always wanted.

Norconex is an Ottawa-based but global-oriented enterprise search solutions provider that helps businesses better organize, access, and search their digital content. Our team of search specialists is highly experienced in a diverse array of search implementations, which are always customized to a client’s needs. Yet, we’re just as much experts in service as we are search, which is why we’re dedicated to providing positive customer experiences and after-care support.

Our mission is to become the leader in the distribution and sale of leisure and relaxation products. Thanks to the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, Club Piscine Super Fitness will continue to grow. By increasing our visibility and market share, the company will ensure an ever-more-substantial volume and product range at ever-better prices for our pools, spas, garden furniture and Super Fitness line. We stand behind the wide selection of products we offer, our unparalleled quality criteria, our excellent customer service and the strong reputation we have built over the last 20 years.Club Piscine Super Fitness is committed to offering you a pleasant, inviting in-store atmosphere and a warm and friendly welcome. We have a great deal of knowledge, and with our 2,500 employees, we are able to guarantee you competent and attentive service. Our experts listen carefully to our customers in order to target and meet their needs and give them clear, accurate information. Club Piscine Super Fitness provides honest, professional service within the agreed-upon timeframe. We exist to enhances your quality of life!

Making People's Lives BETTER is more than a phrase at Chartwell, it is a promise that we consider to be our highest priority. We want our residents to know that the care and services they receive in a Chartwell home will make their lives happier, healthier and more meaningful. We want family members to feel reassured that their loved ones are secure, active and engaged while living in one of our retirement or long term care residences. We want our employees to know that their contributions are valued and appreciated.

We use the communicative teaching approach in our French classes, emphasizing relevant, everyday vocabulary and situations to maximize student’s reading, writing, and speaking abilities. Our extensive library of proprietary and external learning materials enables us to customize student programs to their best learning style. Our adult core program is based on a progressive ten-level program that requires student success at each level. Optional activities such as luncheons and short afternoon social events help students put their learning into practice in relaxed environments.

United Services Group is a proud family company with strong business ethics and principles. We believe in being honest and transparent with our clients and in building long-standing relationships on trust and integrity. As our client, you can have multiple services under one contract and all with one main contact, so you always know who you’re dealing with. We are committed to utilizing our resources and expertise to meet the ever-changing demands and objectives of your business. Our substantial list of long-term clients demonstrates the importance that we place on developing long-standing and enduring relationships.

At the heart of it, we recognize that your financial needs are interconnected. So our process goes deeper and broader than the approach most people have experienced with other financial advisors. It starts with a very open and honest discussion - the more genuine the conversation, the more impact you’ll get from us. We take the time to explore all the life goals, financial aspirations and concerns you have for yourself and for your family, and then follow up with a comprehensive analysis of your overall financial well-being. We take a personalized, holistic approach because every decision made in one of these areas may open opportunities or present challenges in another. Only when your financial needs are truly interconnected and synchronized, can you be sure you’re getting the most out of your money and achieving true financial well-being.

Marrast Group is a privately owned and operated Canadian professional software development company specializing in custom software user interface design and programming technology. With offices in North America, Africa and India, we are one of the most successful software companies in the country. Marrast Group has built a solid reputation for value and quality while meeting the needs of business professionals around the world. Our team upholds the company’s core values of Team, Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence, ensuring that both our clients and candidates are satisfied while getting the great service they deserve.

Many young people find themselves in vulnerable situations and facing adversities such as mental health issues, family violence, identity issues or poor living conditions, which put these youth at risk of not reaching their full potential. With the guidance and support of a mentor, these risks can be avoided, and these young people can gain the confidence to achieve more – higher incomes, happier lives, more contributions to their communities. Our mentors advise and challenge these young people, act as their champions, provide greater consistency in their lives, connect them to broader experiences, opportunities and networks, and provide safe, nonjudgmental environments in which the child or youth can confide anything.

The Association of Spiritual Doctors and Holistic Healers of Canada believes that life is the greatest gift of The All-Mighty and its preservation is the prime responsibility of all creation. Human beings have endeavored to maintain life and to extend it through various methods scientifically. Lots of research and investigative processes have been undertaken to seek ways and means to sustain a healthy life. Today the modern method of treatment called allopathy has made great strides towards seeking new methods of treating disease. Our organization is in attempt to use the strength of spiritual treatments based on guidance that has been conveyed to the humans through the dictates contained in the holy books of The Bible, The Torah and The Holy Qur’an. The representatives of all three religions have combined their resources to treat diseases and sickness. It is with this view, we are combining the strengths of all these great religions to provide health, happiness and peace to the suffering.