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Free Online Advertisement

Enjoy a diverse range of employment advertising services that enable Job Seekers
across Canada to discover the different facets of your organization and learn about the
numerous employment opportunities, career resources and possibilities that your
Organizations have to offer in their particular fields of expertise (employment, education,
career development, immigration and training).


To create job opportunities and provide employment awareness, Jobs Canada offers online Free advertisement to any registered recruiters,
HR Managers, hiring companies across Canada who have job openings and looking candidates for direct interview or immediate hiring.

Marketing Distribution :
Jobs Canada Team can promote your marketing material at the entrance of the Fair to ensure
that each attendees is handed your marketing flyer, job posting, etc.

Advertisement Benefits :
  • Maximum exposure of your company branding to all attendees at the Job Fair
  • Do not miss the attendees that did not visit your booth. Reach everyone at the Fair.
  • Promote job postings, company flyer, new product lunch, upcoming event, etc.
  • Unlimited marketing distribution to unlimited registered Job Fairs.
  • this option is free for featured and exclusive registered exhibitors ONLY.

Branding Exposure.
Maximum reach.

Online Banner Advertisement :
  • Advertise 1-2 online banners anywhere on our websites
  • Maximum advertisement on a local, provincial, national and global scale.
  • Any banner size (160x600, 728x90, 720x300, 250x250, 300x250, 468x60, 300x100)
  • 3 months (flash or animated) online banner advertisement upon registration.
  • The Online Banner option is for featured and exclusive exhibitors ONLY.
Social Media Advertisement :
Your company logo and job postings will be promoted and advertised on our social media
sites with 40k likes, 1-3 weeks prior to the Job Fair.

  • Facebook page with 35k+ likes
  • Twitter page with 2k+ followers
  • Google + page with 2k+ likes
  • Pinterest page with 1k+ followers
  • Instagram page with 300+ followers
  • LinkedIn and more other social medias from partners.

Online Video :

Jobs Canada T.V. is free for any employers and organization across Canada (recruiters,
HR Managers and hiring companies) wishing to promote their across Canada that have
current job openings and are looking for immediate interviews or possibly immediate hiring.

  • Promote your company's culture, employment awareness and job opportunities.
  • Show your company in action in the labor market and creating job possibilities.
  • Brand your company in 9 provinces and 45 cities across Canada.

Online Job Posting :
  • unlimited number of job postings for any employers and any recruiters across Canada.
  • Advertisement on social medias (30k likes) and websites (150k views per month).
  • your job postings will be online within 24- 48hrs upon submission.
  • your job postings might be promoted on our partner websites.

List Of Exhibitors:
Free Website Advertisement for all recruiters, HR Managers and hiring companies that
registered to attend the in person, Virtual Job Fair, Career Workshop, etc.

  • your company profile and logo will be advertised in the list of Exhibitor.
  • your job postings, career and web link will be posted in the List of Exhibitor.
  • your company video and social medias will be promoted in the list of Exhibitor.
  • Video and social media in the list of exhibitor are for featured and exclusive.

Virtual Job Fair - Online Advertisement:
Free Virtual Advertisement for all recruiters, HR Managers and hiring companies that
registered to attend the Virtual (Skills & Profession) Job Fair.

  • your company logo will be displayed on a local, provincial, national and global scale.
  • your job postings will be displayed on the home page of the Virtual Fair
  • your company banner & profile will be displayed on the home page of the Virtual Fair.