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Winnipeg Job Fair - Jan 31st, 2018 Vancouver Job Fair - Jan 30th, 2018 Ottawa Job Fair - Jan 25th, 2018
Toronto Job Fair - Jan 16th, 2018 Ottawa Job Fair - Feb 22nd, 2018 Vaughan Job Fair - Feb 27th, 2018
Calgary Job Fair - Feb 15th, 2018 Brampton Job Fair - Mar 28th, 2018 Winnipeg Job Fair - Mar 28th, 2018
Ottawa Job Fair - Mar 27th, 2018 Vancouver Job Fair - Mar 22nd, 2018 Hamilton Job Fair - Mar 21st, 2018
Cornwall Job Fair - Mar 20th, 2018 Oshawa Job Fair - Mar 8th, 2018 Mississauga Job Fair - Mar 7th, 2018
Markham Job Fair - Mar 1st, 2018 Halifax Job Fair - Mar 29th, 2018

List Of Exhibitors
The General List of Exhibitor will display the complete list of Exhibitors and Hiring Companies
attending all our Job Fairs across Canada. The general list of exhibitors display all the companies
registered with Jobs Canada so Job Seekers wishing to relocate can attend or travel to different
Job Fairs to meet different hiring companies, recruiters and HR Managers..


The General List of Exhibitors is being updated on daily basis until the day on the Job Fair.
If you are looking for the list of exhibitor per city, please visit each city above to download the list of
exhibitor in the particular city you would like to attend.